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Studies in the Origins of the
Ancient Egyptian People
This web site is designed for lay persons, not Egyptology professionals. I hope that those more versed in ancient Egyptian history and culture who come here will be forgiving of the lack of precision in expression.
The material is intended to be informative on important but thorny subjects for those who seek a more objective presentation. Although substantial portions are mathematical in nature, I am sure that those who can comprehend higher levels will reap great benefit from perusal of the material.
I elected to create a web site because I directly explore and develop elements that are not welcome for publication within professional journals supported by the current scholarly community. Psychological and social attitudes prevent the shattering of primitive concepts now shared in those realms.
I wish you the best in your search through this site.
Ernest Moyer
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Post Script: I have added material on ancient Babylonian mathematics. Follow the link to the left. March 9, 2005

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