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All You Need to Know about How Long is 300 Words Paper

Students should be ready to craft lots of short papers during their study at an educational establishment. Some young people mistakenly think that 300 words projects are easy to write, but the truth is the opposite. Due to a small space, you need to think about every phrase that you mention in your paper. 

There is no chance to waste any single word as each one really matters. Short papers are usually required in many subjects and come up in the form of a business email, explanatory note, cover letter, small article, etc. The first question that you are maybe wondering about is “How long is 300 words project?”. Go on reading and clarify everything instantly.

How Long is a 300 Words Essay?

The time that you are going to spend on crafting a definite piece of paper depends on numerous factors, but the most important one is an inspiration. When you feel like writing, you will manage to do it in less than 10 minutes. But if you have no appropriate mood, required expertise, or skills, then the process will seem to be very long, really. So, you should not take a short project too lightly and should be ready to work at it well.

Usually, 300 words essays with double spacing take only one page that you use for including three basic parts: introduction, main body, and summary. Of course, it may seem too little space for covering some complex topic. Hence you need to plan everything even more carefully in comparison with long projects. 

There is one secret that will help you do essential paper well. You need to find out how many paragraphs a 300-word essay is made of. The basic structure says that the essay must include three paragraphs that have been mentioned above. Still, if the topic is more complex, then you may divide the body into a few paragraphs. 

For instance, while writing a 300 words essay on the pollution of the environment, you’d better divide the main body into two or three paragraphs. In case you are to craft a short essay for obtaining a scholarship, you can stop at a one-paragraph body.

How Much Time is Required for Writing a Short Essay?

There is no definite answer for “How long is 300 words-essay?” as it depends. On average, a student may spend only 7.5 minutes while typing on PC or 15 minutes in case of handwriting. Of course, there are numerous tables that you can find on the Internet indicating time for a definite amount of words. For instance:

  • 500 words 100 minutes/12.5 minutes/8.3 minutes;
  • 800 words 160 minutes/20.0 minutes/13.3 minutes.

Still, your final speed will depend on skills and inspiration. Mind that practice makes perfect, so after writing a few short essays, you will improve your skills and will be able to cope with further tasks quicker.

Tips on Writing a 300-word Paper

Some young people are sure that the answer to the question “How Long is 300 Words-Essay?” is an hour or less. However, it is a great misbelief, especially if you want to get A+ for your paper. If you want to reduce the time that you may spend on crafting the top-quality document, then consider the following efficient tips from professional writers.

Choose a Suitable Topic

If your teacher didn’t give you a specific topic, then you need to choose it on your own. For instance, you are interested in the Hungry Ghost Festival. Then you may select the topic related to it, as in this case, you will feel more confident and aware of basic details. Still, you should mind the word amount and plan your content ahead. Focus on a single country, China, for example. You should not take a few countries as you are limited in the essay length.

Conduct a Research and Craft Outline

Even if you know something about a selected topic, you need to conduct extra research to find out interesting details. You’d better prefer working with reliable and checked resources, not to come up with false facts. Once your research is finished, it is high time to formulate an outline. In other words, you need to decide on essay direction and a thesis statement as well.

Write a Project

The next step is crafting an essay itself. Stick to the prepared outline and ensure that every phrase that you add is valuable. Mind rules of citing the source not to be accused of plagiarism.

Edit Essay Attentively

Editing the essay is as important as writing it. Do not underestimate this step and do your best. Look through the entire document after having some rest. Make sure it is cohesive and well-arranged. Watch every single word and remove it if it is unnecessary. Get rid of imprecise language such as somehow, mostly, very, etc. Cut adverbs and “to be” verbs to leave space for crucial words. It would be great if there is somebody who can check your paper and look at it from another angle.

More About 300-word Paper Outline

Is writing not your strength? Don’t worry, as there is a nice guide on crafting a 300-word essay that will help you cope with the task easily and get the grade you are dreaming about. Let’s begin with a 300-word paper format which you already know is made up of three paragraphs: introduction, main body, and conclusion. Each section requires more detailed consideration, so let’s get down to business.


This brief paragraph presents the topic. It should be gripping enough to catch the readers’ attention and provoke their interest. Also, the introduction must give general knowledge on the topic that is going to be discussed. It means you need to include some hook sentences to have a successful start and encourage the target audience to go on reading. 

The introduction must also contain a thesis placed in the very center of the paragraph. It indicates the direction of the entire project. Therefore, it must be concise and clear enough. Thesis statement preparation requires time and effort, so be ready to arrange your time correspondingly.

Main Body

The main body contains the argument that has been introduced in a thesis statement. The body length depends on the complexity of the argument or essay prompts. In general, it may contain 1-3 paragraphs with up to 100 words each. Typically, the paragraph includes a central point, illustration, detailed explanation, and final statement. 

If the body of your essay has more than one para, it is recommended to benefit from transition words to make the content sound more natural. Mind a useful trick. You can complete your project quickly if you write the main body first. It will allow you to do the introduction part more clearly and precise.


The final part of your 300-word essay must not provide any new information. Instead, it should restate a thesis statement and strengthen it in the minds of your target readers. Also, you need to call back all supporting points that have been discussed before. In the long run, you need to add a final statement to indicate that you are reaching the end.

300-Word Essay Example

It is possible to talk a lot about the writing process of the 300-word project, but a passage from a short essay will show you more:

“Lots of people migrate to the USA hoping to have a better life here. My grandparents decided to do the same three decades ago. Since I was born in this country, I have only this place and I know it well. I should say that American culture played a crucial role in the achievement of my personhood. My grandparents told me a lot about the previous Motherland but I feel myself to be U.S resident born and bred…”

This introduction presents the main topic that the author is going to discuss and gives the readers a general idea of what they can expect to learn in the main body.

Final Thoughts

Now you know that writing a winning 300-word essay is not only about speed but expertise as well. Of course, you can end it in 10 minutes, but are you sure it will be worth the highest grade? This is when you need to care about every word to make it precise and use all given space smartly. 

Unlike long essays, here, you can’t waste even a single sentence as it matters. Consider all the above-mentioned tips to reduce the time of essay preparation, and soon you will notice how quickly you start to create top-quality content. In case you waste hours crafting a short essay, you need to back your inspiration, conduct better research or approach a professional writing company to help you with the essential assignment.

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