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Everything That You Should Know On How To Get Into Law School

how to get into law school

A profession of a lawyer is responsible and diverse. The specialists work with government agencies, individuals, and all kinds of businesses. They examine and prepare legal papers, interview witnesses, and speak with all parties that are involved in the cases. Lawyers present the facts both in written and oral form to advocate on the clients’ side. That’s why these specialists must be aware of federal, international, local, and state laws in order to achieve the desired result for the clients.

If such type of work appeals to you and you are eager to know how to get into law school, then keep reading.  Attending an educational establishment will move you one step closer to your dream and help you become either an outstanding lawyer or some other law-related specialist, a judge, for example. This guide will reveal all peculiarities and answer all questions that you may be interested in.

Top Important Things You Need to Know

There are few things that you need to be aware of to make your path easier. Former applicants said they wish to know them at the very beginning to save both time and effort.

Building skills

Some programs want the applicants to already have some related knowledge at the very start. Still, with law school, everything is different.  For example, a perfect law student should have nice communication skills and great analytical thinking, and it doesn’t matter where these skills were built. You may gain them either on music composition, English literature, etc.

Timeline for applying

Planning is the key to success in any process. In other words, you need to set a clear plan of what to do and how to achieve your purpose by mentioning a definite period of time. For example, you decide to go through testing, communication with current lawyers, etc., within the next three months. Practice good time management skills, and it will help you in your future profession for sure.

Academy diversity

Let’s take intellectual property as an example. You need to know both scientific and technical backgrounds to discuss the issue. It means that a person must be aware of many subjects, not only law-related ones. Otherwise, you will not be able to reach the final aim and become an outstanding lawyer.

Lawyers on TV differ

Most modern movies provide people with the wrong idea of a lawyer’s job. Once you are watching some film, you can see the specialist in courtrooms all the time. In fact, the reality is the opposite. You can join any of the pre-law student clubs to learn true facts about this profession from current students, working lawyers, etc.

Lots of activities

Most students like to do a few activities at the same time. But it is not very good for students of law schools. It is better to choose two-three activities besides the main study and develop them in selected directions. Otherwise, you will achieve nothing in any of them because a field of law requires concentration.

4 Steps to Get into a Law School

Similar to any other form of educational establishments, law school has certain rules and requirements that a person must meet to start studying there. If you want to get into a law school, then be ready to prepare an entrance essay, recommendation letter, interview, etc. With these steps, the process of realizing your dream will be quicker and easier.

Get a Bachelor’s Degree

The process of law school admission is straightforward. You need to care about every single detail while working as a lawyer, and the process of entering a law school can be recognized as a good practice for further success in a chosen field. So, a bachelor’s degree is a must for applying for a law school. 

Still, it must not be law-related for sure. Most people obtain a degree in a field that is related to the area they want to work in, for instance, business and finance. Others prefer political science or another pre-law subject. In this way, people are eager to gain extra skills and become more professional. 

Despite the subject you are studying, it is recommended to receive the highest GPA that will help you go through law school admission. In case you already have a bachelor’s degree, but your GPA is not high, then it is necessary to decide what to do next. You can either prepare a great recommendation letter or a high LSAT score. 

One more option is an online Master of Legal Studies that you can obtain first. Even if it won’t be your advantage for a board committee, you can understand whether a law school is really what you need. Such experience will also be a nice point to discuss in your future essays or interviews.

Learn More About Law Degree Specialties

There is a wide range of law-related specializations, and choosing any of them will lead you to various career paths. Here they are:

  • Health care;
  • Maritime law;
  • Patent;
  • Business;
  • Intellectual property;
  • Environmental;
  • Constitutional;
  • First Amendment;
  • Criminal.

Some education establishments may come up with law degree specializations, varying from family law to technology, etc.  Students of a particular school may take upper-level classes in a chosen specialization, use any other additional learning opportunities to focus on specific topics. 

One more great idea to decide what specialty to choose is to look through LinkedIn biographies of lawyers working in a similar field that you are eager to join. Check the schools that they attended previously and what is also required for gaining the same specialty.

Join Information Sessions

Law school is a crucial investment both in financial aspects and time. Once you decide to join any of the available establishments, you need to make sure that it:

  • has subjects that are related to your future career;
  • has a perfect reputation in a selected field;
  • has a high school ranking;
  • has teachers/professors who you dream of learning from.

Law school information sessions may help you understand whether a particular program or degree is suitable for you. Due to some fees at law school, it is important to narrow down a search field to save money. It is better to start the application process at school that perfectly meets your expectations.

Take Law School Admission Test

The LSAT test is required in most American law schools, as well as educational establishments of Canada and other countries. It allows a person to become a student of the desired school and gain any law-related profession.  Hence, a person needs to prepare and take the law school admission test, during which such skills will be checked:

  • Logical reasoning;
  • Critical reading;
  • Persuasive writing;
  • Analytical reasoning.

The test is made up of a few parts. First, you will take a multiple-choice exam. Next, a writing part is. Here you will have 35 minutes for crafting an argumentative essay. Both parts are administered online. Luckily, there are lots of books and materials that you can use to prepare for testing. Some students try to take it a few times per year until they succeed.  If you do not want to waste time, it is better to prepare well at once.  Mind that a score that is less than 160 will not let you become a student of a well-respected law school. In this case, you may take a test again to get a higher score and be admitted to the school of your dream.

Other Requirements for Admission

You may face extra requirements when it comes to a definite school. Usually, these are letters of recommendation, entrance essays, and interviews with educational establishments. Still, you need to discover whether there are any extra requirements for admission not to come across unpleasant surprises.

Law School Entrance Essays: Efficient Tips

Applicants are often required to prepare entrance essays which are also called personal statements. This is a short paper that aims to reveal your personality and the reasons for your desire to enter a particular school.  The essay also should prove that your candidature is the best choice for the educational establishment. Writing skills are crucial for law-related specializations, so an essay will be a great indicator of your abilities.

Mind a few tips on crafting a brilliant personal statement:

  • Follow the requirements. If a chosen school has some definite requirements like format, word count, do your best to meet them and come up with a stunning document.  
  • Emphasize your own uniqueness. You need to highlight all the best qualities to stand out from the crowd. Imagine that another person has the same test score, so why is your candidature better?
  • Tailor, the paper to school.  Add the explanation why you decided to apply exactly to this school. Perform some research to learn more about the school and mention why your candidature suits it best.
  • Look forward to the future. Say what treats of character may make you a good lawyer. Discuss how a school degree will help you become a successful specialist.

You can include some story or anecdote to demonstrate the connection of the area of law, its specifics, and things that make you a good candidate for a definite law school. Finally, you can add some stories about the people who inspire you to become an outstanding lawyer. It would be a nice idea to finish your paper.

Peculiarities of a Law School Letter of Recommendation

Most law schools will expect a letter of recommendation from you. It means you need to seek work supervisors or a former professor who can write a recommendation letter for you. You need to choose the person carefully if you want your letter to be effective. Moreover, it is necessary to give some time to craft it. Do not forget to provide all important information so that your document is meaningful. For instance, the goal of the letter, your achievements, great talking points, details of a dream law school.

Common Questions for Law School Interview

You also should be ready to go through the interview. Here are a few examples of the questions that an interview may cover:

  • What is the biggest achievement?
  • How do you work under pressure?
  • When did you have a quick decision?
  • Why did you decide to study law?

Also, be ready to discuss your experience, resume, interest in law and in a particular law school.

Law School Interview: Top Tips

Any type of public speaking can be really stressful. That’s why you need to be ready to answer interview questions. Practice and follow these tips to sound awesome:

  1. Research potential answers. Look at common interview questions, study them carefully to come up with ideas on what to say.
  2. Practice answers. Make sure that you know what to answer the questions, practice them out loud. These questions should vary as you do not know for sure what the committee will ask. Hence, you need to be ready to answer any question.  Practice your answers as much as possible.
  3. Ask for advice. You may ask another school graduator for a piece of advice. Make use of LinkedIn and pick up interesting connections there. This person may share their own experience, some insights and be of great help to you. Consider visiting well-known online communities where users can answer your questions.   
  4. Stay confident. Everybody may make mistakes during the interview. Sometimes it is more important how you answer and not what you actually say. That’s why you need to be confident and honest.


Every profession has its own advantages and challenges, and the career of a lawyer is not an exception as well—a specialist deals with lots of different issues that influence clients, businesses, etc. Use the mentioned above tips and make your path towards your dream quicker and simpler. In case you have some difficulties with getting into a law school, you can approach a professional writing service and ask to help with any necessary documents to increase the chances of your candidature being submitted.

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