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High school and college students are assigned such an essay very often. It gives teachers an opportunity to learn more about a person, as well as to evaluate their writing and structuring skills. Unfortunately, writing a life goals essay is not as simple as it might seem at first especially if you are shy or have never written such a paper before.

But don’t worry because in this guide we are going to tell you how to deal with the assignment easily and quickly!

Life Goals Essay Definition

An essay about your goals in life is a piece of writing that shows your short-term and long-term goals and the way you are going to achieve them. Fortunately, this essay doesn’t require researching and processing huge volumes of facts and arguments.

However, you should still possess strong narrative skills and a chance to talk about your personality and aspirations in a free and open manner. 

How to Begin a Life Goal Essay

Writing your life goals essay becomes much simpler if you have a plan of action. In the beginning, you should make a list of your goals, ponder where you see yourself in 10 years, what education and skills are needed to achieve those goals, and so on. Write down brief answers, as they are the basis for your future work. Then, narrow down the list to the most interesting and engaging stories. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to discuss everything in a single paper.


Every essay on life goals should begin with an introduction. It includes a brief overview of the things you are going to discuss, a thesis statement, and a hook. Sometimes it is wise to write the introduction when other sections are already written. 

Main Paragraphs 

When you have already given a general picture of your educational, personal, and career goals, start working on the body paragraphs. They should contain detailed descriptions of each goal. Remember, one goal – one paragraph. These sections should be connected with transition words and phrases to make the reading smooth. Try to be informative and interesting. Spice up the goals with numbers and details.


The last paragraph of your essay should contain a summary of everything you have discussed. You should simply restate the thesis statement and motivate the readers to establish goals of their own. This section shouldn’t contain new details and facts.

Life Goal Essay Expert Writing Tips

Even though every essay about life goals is unique, there are a few universal rules that can significantly simplify the writing process. They include:

  • Be yourself. Don’t copy someone else’s thoughts and writing styles. It becomes very obvious and may lower your grade.
  • Make a list of ideas and pick a few that reflect your personality in the best way.
  • The structure should be clear and obvious. The essay must be easy to read.

Hire a Professional Essay Writing Service

Above, we have discussed how to work on every part of the assignment; we have also shared a few valuable tips and taught you how to be the best in academic writing. However, sometimes it is not enough. You might feel stressed and busy, or the deadline is too close.

That is when you need assistance from Writingapaper, an essay writing company of the highest quality. Send us a message and say write an essay about my goals. We will guide you on every stage of the process!

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